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About ION

"The need to build a web site that is optimized well and can drive traffic from the search engines is now paramount to all internet businesses' survival."
-Luke P Washington, Owner

        The Internet Optimization Network is a website optimization firm composed of a small group of professional Internet consultants and specialists in Nashville, Tennessee, who work together on various internet & marketing related projects. Each consultant has no less than 11 years experience in the Web business. Our experiences range from being web designers, webmasters, and hosting websites to supporting software and programming various databases at major corporations as well as small businesses. All of us began mastering the World Wide Web in 1993 when the Search Engines were still just a dream. Over the years, our main foci have evolved to reflect the changes in the industry as the Internet became more and more popular. Initially, each of us built websites that small businesses needed to get their identity online. A few years later, when E-commerce was in its boom, we expanded our services to meet demand of the time such as database-driven shopping cart services.

        While maintaining our positions as Internet consultants at major corporations, we have seen a large number of websites come and go. Many great websites started and were left unmanaged and information became outdated. Quite a few internet-based companies (dot-coms) appeared around the height of the NASDAQ market boom and went bankrupt a few years later. From those events, we learned many lessons from the rise and fall of many internet businesses. We all agreed that if we were to form a company, it has to be one that would not follow the dot com trend. When the NASDAQ market started to recover, we were observing the world of technology changed once again. Among those most changed were the basic needs of business web sites.

        As the economy started to recover in 2003, small and medium sized businesses started to expand after many years of cutbacks. Their needs to generate revenues through any means possible including through their websites were so strong that it inspired us to form ION. No longer do businesses need a simple "online-business-card" website, since those will never generate much of traffic by ranking highly in the search engines. The need to build a web site that is optimized well and can drive traffic is now paramount to internet business survival. Marketing for businesses has evolved to meet the requirements of search engines, and the need to enhance revenues and prosper through the website is now one and the same.

        Our team has been following the algorithms of the major search engines and how they work for many years. Knowing all the aspects of how search engines work put us in unique position to help websites drive traffic to them, or 'optimize' them, for search engine success. However, it is only when we began to research into how other companies optimize their websites, we found that most do not really optimize at all. The concept is surprisingly new to many web professionals, which surprised us a great deal since all the experts agree that search engines are the future of all marketing. We therefore began to amass our skills and document the perfect process of Search Engine Optimization.

        After much research and hard work, we finally came up with the 100 steps of SEO outlined on our "SEO Instructions" page of this website. Why 100 steps? Not everyone, especially small business owners need every step, nor will they have the budget to pay for a big optimization package like a corporation does. -But every company online still needs improved search engine placement. So after a little more research, we decided to offer our 100-step optimization process and resources for free so that everyone can learn how to optimize their web site for maximum traffic. It is our goal to share our knowledge and experience with everyone, and most of all become known as a top expert in the field.

        Now, after only one year in business as of Spring 2005, with our fair city of Nashville providing lots of local clients, our roster is completely full and we are no longer taking on any new SEO clients. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we may again take clients in the future providing we find a lucrative way to expand our business. Until then, consider this website, and all the free tools and advice on it our service to you, and it is as always completely free. We will even continue to make the time to answer your emails about our instructions and tools, continuing this free service and advice, as that has always been our original plan for this website from Day #1.

Luke P Washington
Owner, ION

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