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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a web-savvy internet guru to follow the steps of your 100-step program?
Not at all. If you can surf the web, and you already know what a Search Engine is, then you can do this. All steps are clearly worded and laid out for you with hypertext links already there in the document for you to click on. We're always available to answer questions through email anyway. It's a snap.

Q: I've heard a lot about Pay-Per-Inclusion (PPC or PPI) services lately, such as Overture.com... Why is your service better than using those?
In short, they don't compete. In fact, Section Five of our instructions includes them!

Using a PPI service is a Guaranateed tool for grabbing one of the top few spots in many search engine results. Overture and its clones actually guarantee that you can have the #1 spot in most search engine ranking results, for any verbatim keyword phrase you're willing to pay for. (And pay out the nose for, of course.) This service is nothing like Search Engine Optimization, which is making your page the most visible it can be on it's own merits... To be seen by as many as possible, no matter what words they search with. (As long as it's on the right topic, of course.) PPI can be VERY expensive over time, and is well-documented to take a large percentage away from your businesses' Return On Investment. (ROI) Cost effectiveness for all that extra traffic through this route can be slim to none over time. Sure, you'll obviously get more traffic at a low per-click price, but without any of the FREE results you'd get in the search engines already, that price will always be a drain on your ROI. You CAN get better results cheaply!

Clearly, it is NOT in the best interest of this type of business to get you ranking well in the search engines outside of the PPI route that they supply. And in doing so, since they charge you for results that are only apparent when you are paying for each and every click they send you, they have created a dependancy on them. The second they stop, your rankings fall back to zero without true SEO... Your site ranking will never naturally rise this way.

We are not saying that it is a bad idea to use the PPI services themselves, however. In fact, there is no faster way to get your new site ranking high. But we sincerely believe that using a PPI program for a business, at least on the long-term is a mistake, and I feel that anyone out there who has a website can do it without outside help. We do, however, include instructions to get you started with a PPI service in our report, just in case you are in a position that you really would need it. It can a vital part of an aggressive strategy, but no more than that. We'll show you just how to do it.

Q: I've heard that I can achieve decent Search engine rankings by just using a "Mass- Submitter" and then being patient. How much better is your service than that route?
If you have been told that you can achieve good rankings with just a mass-submission of your site's URL to the various search engines, you have unfortunately been misled, at least if they told you this recently. Times have changed drastically from the days that just a mass-submission could get you into the search engine results. Most site hosting businesses offer a submission service where you submit your site to many search engines at once. Or if you want ongoing submissions, then you have to pay them an ongoing rate. None of them, however, ever make guarantees anymore that it will improve your site rankings at all, nor do they help you choose any keywords.

Such a service only works a negligible amount, if it does at all, anymore. And it could only work if your keywords already happen to be winners. It usually only bumps up the ranking score in some instances, only in some certain engines, but by no means did it ever bring a website's ranking up to the top result on Google. On top of that problem, this service is just as likely to HURT your ranking as to help it, because most of these companies do NOT know what they are doing and over- submit your site, penalizing you for it in the final rankings!

Q: What exactly do you offer in your 'full-service?'
We're sorry, but we no longer offer a full service solution at ION. All our products are now completely free!

Q: Why can't you guarantee that I'll double my web traffic?
Simply because we don't know how well you can follow the directions, or how hard you'll work to achieve those results. We also don't want to claim we can double everyone's traffic and then have someone sign up with pretty good rankings already...

One thing that you can always count on with ION is that we will look at your site first, and tell you the full situation and accurate likelyhood of improovement before we take your money.

Q: Why do you call yourselves a Network? (ION)
We started out as a couple of associates pooling our talents together. We also offer other internet-related services that we work on together, so in a sense, that's exactly what we are. Plus, it makes for a really unforgettable anachronism!

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