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General SEO Tools

      This page has general tools from all over the SEO spectrum that didn't fit on any of the other eight categories, including toolbars, HTML, server, alternate searching, and API applications. Many tools here take the place of multiple tools on other pages, which are more specialized for a particular task. These may even be better at performing one task or another, but they are placed here because they do other tasks too.

Our own SEO Toolkit program, built into Internet Explorer!

        We are proud to bring you a fantastic, award-winning, multipurpose tool that enhances your SEO experience and quite frankly, saves you more time optimizing than you are likely to believe. We have partnered with Mouseclick Applications to bring you this very small, but very powerful enhancment for Internet Explorer. It saves you TONS of time during the SEO process by automating the five most popular SEO tasks, all within your right mouse button, from anywhere on the web.

        See a keyword you want to research? Simply highlight it and right-click, and the one of greatest free keyword reporting applications you have ever had the pleasure to use will instantly poll the Search Engines for you and spit out fast results in a nice, informative report! All five of its applications work that way, offering one or two-click ease of use with fast, powerful results.

These always-only-one-click-away SEO tasks include:

  • Search Engine Position/Ranking reporter, polling the top nine engines for their top 30 results.
  • Link Popularity reporter, polling Altavista, Hotbot, Google, DMOZ, and Yahoo!, delivering their scores, and also site and link scores they average from the above results.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer, checking a pages' title, METAs, heading, links, ALTs, and body text for number, frequency, and weight of the selected keywords!
  • Search Engine Submitter, automatically submitting up to 3 URLs to 30 great Search Engines!
  • Search Engine page Optimizer, which generates a nice report pointing out all possible SEO problems on a page. It compares the keyword you've selected to rules that optimize to either Altavista, excite, Northern Lights, or a generic (google-based) Search Engine.

        Since it takes so little of your system resources from your CPU, and operates independently of your internet connection speed, (all processing is done on the mouseclickapp server, not yours!) you are able to get your query results presented in your desktop at the speed of a DS3 connection!

        These applications are very easy to use, each popping up a small frame from wherever you like to complete its' task. All you need is a mouse and MS Internet Explorer. It is totally free, no nags nor shareware!

Software specs:
Name: ION's Webmaster Toolchest
File name: webmaster.zip
File size: 13 kb  (Very, very tiny)
License: Freeware, no nags!
Support site: www.mouseclickapplication.com
Last known update: (Generated per download)
Developer: Mouse click Application
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, NT, 2K, XP


        Some of the tools on our site may require for you to sign up for a Google™ Web APIs service account. This allows you to query more than 4 billion web pages directly from you own computer programs, or many of those listed below. You can use it to automate 1000 searches a day under its' current, free license. Writing your own scripts to do that kind of thing on Google™ will get you penalized for too much server strain!

        This free account allows you access to most powerful search tools to have for any professional-strength Search Engine queries. There are two such tools on this site available for your use today.

Google™ toolbar

        The handy Google™ Toolbar is a standard for SEO professionals and enthusiasts alike, allowing them to see the PageRank score of every public site they are browsing at the time. It sits right in your IE or Netscape browser window, out of the way, and also has a Google™ search box and other tools like search term highlighters, a pop-up ad blocker, a form filler, and a few other handy tools built in as well.

Alexa's toolbar

        An extremely useful toolbar, Alexa's in-browser tool has much of the same stuff that Google's toolbar has, like a search box and pop-up blocker, but it is really there for a different purpose. You'll find it answering the following questions for you:

  • Who owns this site and how do I contact them?
  • Do people like this site?
  • How much traffic does this site get?
  • Are there other sites like it I should visit instead?
It also has a traffic ranking score that is very useful and unlike any others on the net, actually competing with Google's PageRank score, but MUCH more detailed.

Google™ API Search tool

        From Softnik Technologies, one of our favorite freeware tool programmers, comes a solid, powerful Search query tool to use your Google™ API account with.

        This hard-working Search Tool is a simple but powerful Windows freeware tool for searching in bulk. Google™ doesn't approve of people using automated software tools to search like this anymore, however they made the developer API accounts (see above) that allows their database of 2 billion documents to be searched using software developed for that purpose. This Google™ API Search Tool is just such a platform. It also has a number of extra features that make it a very handy in general.

        First and foremost, it is a real time saver for large searches. Google™ API Search tool presents the results of your bulk query in a clean, easy to use interface. With a single click you can retrieve the top 30 results into a single table! (and on a local database, too.) It also helps in creating reports of your research. The URLs, titles etc may be copied to the clipboard and then to a spread sheet or any other software.

Software specs:
Name: Google™ API Search Tool
File name: gapis_setup.exe
File size: 442 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: http://www.searchenginelab.com/products/gapis
Last known update: 10/6/2002
Developer: Softnik Technologies
OSs supported:Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

Multi-Engine, Custom Search form

        Searching like crazy for your term and you want to speed the process up? This handy tool will open a new screen for each search engine you check below and search your one term in each. A time saver for serious searches. One word of warning though, I hope you aren't afraid of a lot of screens popping up all at once!

Select Search Engines:
Alta Vista

LightSpeed Website Optimizer (page file delineator)

        The LightSpeed Website Optimizer deletes unnecessary characters such as more than one white space in a row (New Line, Tab, Space) without damaging the content of the web page. This means faster file times, and less traffic for surfers and the server. Another useful part of this tool is the "Change Dir" button which lets you replace certain substrings of a document by anything you like.

        Additionally you may also specify a directory which the program will process and it'll modify all files in it automatically.

Software specs:
Name: LightSpeed Website 0ptimizer v1.2
File name: lightspeed.zip
File size: 275 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: Http://bladefist.moo3.at
Last known update: 7/23/2003
Developer: Werner Bayer
OSs supported: Win 98, Me

PPC Bid Browser tool

        Our good friends at Softnik Technologies even have a tool to help you with your Pay-per-click campaigns! Using Overture's database, PPC Bid Browser is a super-simple solution to managing your entire Overture bid keyword list, and even comparing them to your competitors keywords... It generates two different kinds of reports and outputs them into a finished HTML file for your review. If you're playing with PPC, then I highly recommend you try this tool. It doesn't make Overture easier, just much more profitable.

Software specs:
Name: PPC Bid Browser v1.x
File name: bidbrowser_setup.exe
File size: 333 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: http://www.ppctoolkit.com/products/bidbrowser/
Last known update: 10/30/2003
Developer: Softnik Technologies
OSs supported:Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

Geo-targeting server tool from Digital Point Solutions

        Why would you need to know where a website is physically? Maybe you want to know where your servers are located with your hosting company. Also, some search engines (such as Google™) have the ability to filter search results based on their physical location (geotargeting). This could be used to determine why your site is showing in a certain country or not.

Get Website Server Location:

Brought to you by Digital Point Solutions

Internetseer web site monitoring service

        I know this isn't technically SEO, but web site monitoring can help keep your site from missing Spiders, as well as human visitors! Yes, this service is really free! We use Internetseer for all of our websites to let us know when our webhost isn't doing it's job. In the busy world of the internet these days, this service is a rare and welcome find indeed.

The default, free service monitors your site every hour and lets you know the second they do about your website outage. They also have options such as alerting your host for you when it happens, and they give weekly and per-incident reporting as well! They contact you in any way that you choose, and for a fee, they'll check even more often than that, with more contact choices and options.

Click the button below to sign up your own website for a free account, and some peace of mind. You won't be sorry that you did.

Monitored by: InternetSeer - Web Site Monitoring

WEB CEO 5.0 Free Version

        There is kind of an 'arms race' going on in the Professional SEO software market. (Powerful, multi-function SEO tool suites.)In the beginning there was Web Position. Then others came along like Traffic Seeker, WEB CEO, IBP, and SEOElite. They all had their new-and-improved versions to compete with one another for our business marketing dollars, adding new functionality and more power with each new version. I've played with them all, and actually I'm more partial to IBP, for personal reasons... But WEB CEO version 5 is the latest entry in this the whole competitive group, and they are giving this fully-functional software to us all for FREE.

        The upside to WEB CEO is that there is nothing they don't pay attention to in the whole SEO process except for finding you links... ALL the rest of everthing in the SEO kingdom is done in complete detail. The best statistical tools, the best link checkers, the best reporting... -Tons of things even I wouldn't have thought of including. (Too much in fact, you could spend you life playing with all those toys.)

  • Their smartest move was giving away this freeware version. They have four levels in fact; free, $19, $250, & $500. I guess when you make roughly a million tools and stuff them into a package this small, the four levels might not seem to be enough even.
  • Their dumbest move however is charging monthly fees for things like monitoring services and dozens of other small routines... Some that I give away free here on this site! (Yes, that's one of my personal reason to prefer IBP.)

        All things considered, WEB CEO 5 is the most powerful and most feature-packed of all existing SEO Software suites, at least for now. Their $500 version is without a doubt the most powerful SEO tool, and you can catch a glimpse of that magic with this freeware version. I'd put IBP's demo here too, in order to be fair, but the fact is that it's Demo is just too limited. Their awesome submission suite, as they released it in their freeware version, doesn't submit your site even once. So far as I know, WEB CEO's demo is the only professional SEO suite freeware that you can actually work in without spending any money at all. (Although they'll give you plenty of reasons to!)

        Web CEO 5 claims 112 distinct features, and you can see them compared to the other three license levels here.

Software specs:

Name: WEB CEO v5
File name: webceo.exe
File size: 8.66 MB
License: Freeware
Support site: http://www.webceo.com/freeware/
Last known update: ?
Developer: WEB CEO
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, NT, 2K, XP

File not downloading properly? Contact us and we will send it to you through email.

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        ION posts all SEO tools and links to tools on a first-come-first-posted basis, and does not intend to disclude any submissions or links that would fit on this site unless we feel that a better tool doing the exact same job is already present. We will continually be updating our site to make sure that all links are fresh and that all of the best free tools in the industry are accounted for. If you have any comments, suggestions, or possible additions, please email them to: Library@InternetOptimization.Net.

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