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KDAs & script checking Tools

        It's time to go over what you've written and make sure that it's going to perform as well as you've intended it to. How many Keywords should you have placed in your text though? Are all of your links working as they should? How about your HTML code itself? Wouldn't it be great if someone could review and validate it all for you before you posted the final version of the page?

        This page is designed with you in mind, and has tools to help you with those problems and more. Since you should never underestimate the importance of Keyword Density in your text, links, and code, we have put the focus of this page on KDAs. Click any link below to use or download the specified tool.

Web CEO's free optimization tool suite

        There are some online Keyword Density Analyzers below that you don't have to do any downloading or installing for, but their functionality doesn't even begin to compare with this program! This full-featured SEO tool suite has just about every professional grade tool that you'd need for a SEO campaign, excepting of course that this freeware version has many of them turned off... One thing it didn't turn off though is their high-quality Keyword Optimization report generator! Simply load this software and click on the second option under the "Promote" menu, titled "Get optimization Advice," enter your page's URL, (there is also a button to the right that allows you to run the report on local files instead of live ones) and enter your page's top three keywords in the three blanks. Finally, click the "Start" button at the bottom to generate a full, detailed Keyword Density & page Optimization report.

Software specs:
Name: WEB CEO Free version
File name: webceo.exe
File size: 8.69 MB
License: Freeware, with registration
Support site: http://www.webceo.com/support/#Support
Last known update: October 26th, 2004
Developer: WEB CEO
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, 2K, XP

SearchEngineWorld's Keyword Density Analyzer

        A simple, free, online Keyword Density Analyzer. Very helpful if you are locked in battle over the #1 spot! This easy-to-use tool lets you use filters and choose which heading info to include while it gives you a strong keyword analysis.

GoRank.com's excellent Keyword Density tools.

         GoRank.com has obviously worked hard on these three tools to offer options that aren't available in other Keyword Density Analyzers. Not all are for everyone, but one of them is very likely to be helpful to you.

        The first one, the 'simple' KDA, gives very deep explanations of it's findings on your target site. For instance, it not only analyzes your target keyword useage, but it tells you what the naturally occurring keywords and keyword phrases are, with numbers, as well.

        The middle tool, called 'Compare any 5 URLs,' is very useful for those comparing keyword usage against other websites. Go ahead and put your URL, and up to four others (all on a seperate line, of course) in the box and pick a keyword. I'm sure that you will find the report quite interesting & useful.

        The final box is a real powertool. It even requires for you to sign up and get a username and password for it, but it is all totally free. Once you have them, this tool uses goRank.com's Google API account to run this specialized report on your keyword against the top ten placeholders in Google's current search result for your keyword! How nice of them!

Keyword Density Analyzer

(View an example report)

Enter a URL below and goRank will
automatically analyze the keyword
density of all words and phrases
in the web page.

(Limit to one keyword phrase at a time.)

This report takes 1 to 5 seconds.

Compare Any 5 URLs

(View an example report)

Enter your Url and up to 4 others
below and goRank will automatically
compare the keyword density of
each URL.

(Enter only one URL per line):


This report takes 5-10 seconds.

Compare the Top Ten

(View an example report)

Enter a keyword below and
goRank will automatically
compare the keyword density
of the current top 10 Google


This report takes 10-20 seconds.
*Requires a FREE account
Signup Now!

Link Checker from W3C

        Instantly check all the links (including pictures!) on your site just by entering your page's URL. No webmaster should go without! Nice options, too.

W3C HTML/XHTML Validation tool

        Not so much an SEO tool as a webmaster tool, this handy, free service checks documents in any form of HTML for conformance to official W3C Recommendations and other standards. A real time saver! Use it in conjunction with the SEO process before to make sure your page is still HTML optimized after it is SE optimized. You can submit your pages by uploading file(s) or just pointing it to a site! One word of advice though, don't take all the scary results too seriously... It finds a few things each time that aren't really problems, so just think of its' critisisms as 'suggestions to be explored' only.

File not downloading properly? Contact us and we will send it to you through email.

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        ION posts all SEO tools and links to tools on a first-come-first-posted basis, and does not intend to disclude any submissions or links that would fit on this site unless we feel that a better tool doing the exact same job is already present. We will continually be updating our site to make sure that all links are fresh and that all of the best free tools in the industry are accounted for. If you have any comments, suggestions, or possible additions, please email them to: Library@InternetOptimization.Net.

        All links to off-site applications on these pages are free to use, but such applications are not the property of ION. Please respect the terms of usage for each online tool, as defined on the owners page, or the page that you are sent to while using the application.

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