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Link Popularity analysis
& Link Building tools

        Not to be confused with PageRank, the concept of Link Popularity is similar in that it is something that Google™ created and is important to watch and improve on, in order to move up in the Google's (among many others) Search results. Where PageRank is an indicator, however, Link Popularity is the reason. Having your page(s) be popular & linked-to often is a means to building your PageRank.

        The top half of this page has tools that will help you analyze & monitor your Link Popularity, and the lower half is for actual Link Building. - Without a doubt the hardest, most time-consuming part of getting your site to the top of the Search Engines. For those who care about getting that top-page ranking result in Google and all its clone search engines, spending time on this part of your SEO project is simply paramount. We hope to save you lots of time with these tools though, and for the first time ever, all in one place, you can do it all for free!

Uptimebot.com's excellent Link Popularity check

        Using this great tool from UpTimeBot.com, you can review detailed statistics of backward links for one domain in many of the most popular directories and search engines. -The best free LinkPop checker online.


Link Popularity checker from Link-Popularity-guide.com

        This interesting tool doesn't give as detailed results as the one above, but it checks in the three engines that matter the most, while having more options once the results are in. Worth a try, and they offer some great, free advice to help raise your Link Popularity when you're finished. A well-recommended website.

See who links to your website in Altavista, Google™, and HotBot:

How to always see your current Link Popularity in Google™

        To find out how many and who exactly is pointing to your website right now, simply go to Google.com, and type the following into the search field.: (Replacing 'yourdomain.com' with the domain in question.)


It's certainly not as detailed as the other tools on this page, but it is a method that is memorable enough to never be without!

Link Popularity Check v3.0

        Link Popularity Check from Axandra is an ideal Link Popularity Checker, as good as any that come in even the most costly of programs. It allows you to check and compare your Link Popularity against any other sites you add in, along with 15 other pre-input sites of varying sizes… And it does so in Alexa, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google™, HotBot, Inktomi MSN Search, Teoma, & Yahoo. It even throws in an estimated cumulative score that averages them all together!

        The results? An indispensable SEO tool that lets you know exactly where your site ranks on the web, in relation to all other sites you may care about. It even lets you output your saved searches to a .txt file! To top it off, it's from the very high-quality company that brought us Arelis and IBP, yet it's all completely free with no intrusive nags to upgrade or buy their other products! We use this all the time ourselves, highly recommended!

Software specs:
Name: Link Popularity Check
File name: LPC_setup.exe
File size: 1.19 MB
License: Freeware
Support site: Http://www.axandra.com/free-link-popularity-check.htm
Last known update: 9/8/2004
Developer: Axandra
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

ICLinx 3001

        This unique program is a real-time Link Popularity checker, with quite an unusual trick. It puts a little smiley icon down in your taskbar and runs its hourly link counts on Google™, AOL, Yahoo, Inktomi, Alltheweb, MSN, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, & Gigablast... In a neat pop-over window that demands your attention. Whenever there's a new link to your site somewhere out there on the web, it alerts you instantly.

        Then it offers to show you graphs for your past linked-to performance and it even plays a sound each time someone new links to you. Very original. -I hope that our site gets popular enough to put this software to practical use in the near future!

        One problem, however. Although it is freeware, the iCubator Labs website no longer supports it so you're on your own, no tech support or even someone to acknowledge it even exists... Still, we've had no problem with it ourselves, and being free, there's nothing to lose.

Software specs:
Name: ICLinx 3001
File name: iclinx.msi (Microsoft's installer)
File size: 2.62 MB
License: Freeware
Support site: NONE!
Last known update: ???
Developer: iCubator Labs, LLC
OSs supported: Win 98, Me, 2K, XP

Required Text Links estimator from Text Link Brokerage

        My new favorite LinkPop tool is from TextLinkBrokerage.com, and we've placed it here for your usage. Their calculator below answers the web-age-old question: "All things being equal, how many incoming links will it take to get my site to outrank the others in Google?" This excellent new tool will take your chosen keyword or keyword phrase and show you what you're up against, and how many inbound links you'll need to claw your way up, however high you want to go. It does this by counting the backlinks to each of the pages in the top spots on your query, on a few top engines at the same time. This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is building their link popularity. In fact, no other tool I know in the whole SEO kingdom gives you such a concrete goal to shoot for!

Enter the Keyword to check for:
Website Category:

This process can take up to 60 seconds, please be patient.

Link Extractor web tool

        Ever need a quick list of all the outgoing links on a web page? Perhaps you're measuring your incoming against your outgoing links. Perhaps you want to see who the competition is linking to. Most likely, you're building a list of possible link partners. Just slap in any URL below and this quick script will give you a tidy, copy-able list of links. Short and sweet, and very, very useful.

Link Swapper reciprocal link directory service

        Link Swapper is a free link exchange plug-in directory add-on for your website. Many webmasters find that to get lots of incoming links, they need to place reciprocal links on some sort of directory on their site as well. This website plug-in works with all websites that allow you to upload your own PHP or ASP scripts, and basically manages your links directory for you.

        All services from Link Swapper are totally free, and getting started only requires you to register, create the list of your directory subject categories, download a small web page plug-in file, upload it to your site, and place a link to this file from a page on your site. Voila, instant link-exchange directory for you to give reciprocal links on. Once you have done these quick steps, you will have a your own, personalized, fully functional link exchange and resource directory management on your own website.

        Many people who use the above Link Partner service find this tool useful, they work together pretty well. Also, if you don't have access to PHP on your server, then you'll be happy to hear that you can run this on ASP... It's the first service we've heard of that does so. (Although we haven't tested it ourselves.)

        We haven't placed the software here because they require each user to sign up for it as a 'service' on their website. We tried the PHP version and no spam yet...: )

LinkMachine link managment program

        LinkMachine is a Reciprocal link exchange management software program, much like the LinkSwapper service above, that makes it easy to find and contact quality reciprocal linking partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links automatically!. This great software even automatically updates your server-side link pages the instant you make changes... -No uploading required. It will run on any web server that supports PHP version 4 or later. Sorry, no ASP version.

Software specs:
Name: LinkMachine v1.08c
File name: linkmachine_install.exe
File size: 40 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: Http://www.linkmachine.net
Last known update: 9/9/2004
Developer: IronZog
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

Links Assistant v1.0

        Links Assistant is a simple, but very handy freeware tool that keeps a database of your sites and the sites of your linking partners, for use in your reciprocal link email campaigns. You can automate many of the tasks involved in swapping links - sending mails, (It comes with a default template) generating and updating the HTML code of your links directories, and generally keeping track of all the necessary information you need to do the mailing and Link Directory sides of your link campaign.

        It doesn't come with it's own database like Link Partners, but it does keep track of them for you once you've invited them to link to you. From there, it creates a simple but effective HTML (NOT .asp or .php!) reciprocal link directory for you, that you tell locally when to refresh. (Not automatically like LinkMachine, but you have total control when it updates.)

        One drawback: It is no longer supported at all. X3MSoftware developed it for their own use but must have decdied to hire a pro to manage their rankings in the long run... So they just gave this away, no support offered. (So make sure you back up any files before you use this on them!)

        For those of you that have used ARELIS, this might be a dissapointment, but it does most of ARELIS' tasks, and it's totally free! It isn't nearly as powerful an Emailer as the program below, (Mach 5 mailer) however it has no limits on how many emails you send out, and of course has the directory tool built-in as well.

Software specs:
Name: Links Assistant v1.0
File name: lasetup100.exe
File size: 630 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: http://www.x3msoftware.com
Last known update: 3/23/2004
Developer: X3M Software
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

Mach 5 Mailer for bulk email automation

        Send personalized email messages to your link partners from any database source including Access and Excel, with conditional content, HTML formatting and attachments. You can even schedule your mailing for low bandwidth hours. M5M provides advanced preview and multi-threaded delivery, so you can see in advance what you are sending to each individual receipient before you hit the send button!

        Message filtering allows you to send to just the webmasters you intend, using contents of your database. This program also includes PopMonger, an inbound e-mail handling utility, to conduct confirmed opt-in management, manage failed messages, unsubscribe requests, auto-replies and redirections. It even includes anti-spam provisions.
Need anything else? It probably does that too... Many users find this professional-use program a lot to learn all at once, but it's a great tool to have around once you've learned it!

        Free registration allows only a 200-at-a-time email limit. This should be just fine for most reciprocal link management purposes... If you need more mails and less functionality, give Link Assistant (above) a try first.

Software specs:
Name: Mach 5 Mailer v4.1
File name: mailer-nten.exe
File size: 7.75 MB
License: Free to register, limit 50 per sending
Support site: Http://www.mach5.com/products/mailer
Last known update: 11/4/2004
Developer: Mach 5
OSs supported:Win 9x, Me, 2K, NT, XP

File not downloading properly? Contact us and we will send it to you through email.

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        ION posts all SEO tools and links to tools on a first-come-first-posted basis, and does not intend to disclude any submissions or links that would fit on this site unless we feel that a better tool doing the exact same job is already present. We will continually be updating our site to make sure that all links are fresh and that all of the best free tools in the industry are accounted for. If you have any comments, suggestions, or possible additions, please email them to: Library@InternetOptimization.Net.

        All links to off-site applications on these pages are free to use, but such applications are not the property of ION. Please respect the terms of usage for each online tool, as defined on the owners page, or the page that you are sent to while using the application.

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