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META Tag generation and analysis tools

        Creating or optimizing your page's META tags? You've found the right place. No one needs to pay a firm for meta tags optimization service anymore... On this page you'll find free tools to analyze your existing tags as well as to create new ones with. If you're not sure which META Tag fields are important for your site, read the "META Tag" entry on our Library page.

Submit Express' Meta Tag Analyzer

     A truly great meta optimization service, this META tag checker goes more than a few steps beyond. I use this tool often myself, it is one of the fastest way to know a lot about an URL in the shortest amount of time.
For instance, using this tool you can:

  • See errors and suggestions for each individual Heading & Meta Tag.
  • See how search engine robots analyze your or your competitors' web site.
  • Receive tips on how to improve your Meta Tags.
  • Check the keywords used on the page and find the keyword density.
  • Check web server operating system where site is hosted.
  • Check website load time.
  • Check website file size.
  • Check URLs and links found on the page.

Type your URL below:
Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/filename.html

User Agent * (optional)

Submit Corner's Meta Tag Generator

        We searched high and low to find an online META Tag Generator out there for you guys to use with just the right fields available for the meta tags optimization service of most websites. After checking about 20 or so different web-based software versions, we realized that we'd have to have one of the customizable ones out there tweaked just for you to use. The following is an excellent generator for use with all major and maybe all minor Search Engines. You don't have to use every line below, just the first three are necessary these days. The rest are suggested for all search engines though, unless you know something specific about your site that we don't.

Enter five keyword phrases to describe your
pages, separated by a comma-and-a-space.
[Max 255 Characters]

Enter a description for your website.
[Max 255 Characters]

Select language on your website.
[Select a language]

Author of this website (email or name).
[Max 75 Characters]

Distribution of this website
Content "Expires" in   Days
Robots suggested to Revisit in

Enable Search Engine Robots to: Follow Index

Copyright Statement
[Max 255 Characters]

Meta Maker Wizard 2

        A handy, full-service Meta Tag Generation software, all done cleverly in a windows "Installation Wizard" format, Meta Maker Wizard 2 by Pixel Persuasion has 11 popular META fields, and completely walks the user through building META Tags with explanations of each tag. The only thing like a 'Nag' is a button titled "Upgrade," which appears only on the results page. This software is ideal for Web newbies and people with small pages who want to learn the meaning of the METAs. -Also good if you change your META Tags often, or are learning about the refresh generator. Quick, wizard-like format proves for a fast entry and exit, but this program certainly doesn't cover all META tags, and doesn't include Dublin Core tags or a few others that might come in handy for some SEO projects. My advice: Newbies and people learning about METAs should start here, and get another program when they find that they need more functionality.

Software specs:
Name: Meta Maker Wizard 2
File name: metamwz2.zip
File size: 762 kb
License: Freeware
Support site: http://www.pixelpersuasion.co.uk/support.htm
Last known update: 5/23/2003
Developer: Pixel Persuasion
OSs supported: Win 9x, Me, 2K, XP

Meta Tag Expert

        This full-featured Meta tag generator for your web page inlcudes all of the META tags we've ever heard of! Meta Tag Expert makes the generation of your META Tags simple and easy with a few different levels of meta tag optimization services. For instance, there is a beginners page, an experts page, a Dublin Core tag page, (If you don't know what DC Tags are, you probably won't ever need to) and a few others, with extra tools like a "Submit to Google" feture and even a quick SERP checker. There is a NAG on this freeware until you do a free Registration process. -It's totally worth it though, you get free support if you do so.

        If you are an experienced page optimizer, or are trying to build the most comprehensive set of META Tags possible, then Meta Tag Expert is the most feature-rich META Tag generator I can reccommend to you. It has the highest reccommendation I can offer on any free meta tag optimization service software, period.

Software specs:
Name: Meta Tag Expert
File name:
File size: 162 kb
License: Freeware, with registration
Support site: http://www.dark-street.com
Last known update: 1/13/2003
Developer: Dark Street Development
OSs supported:Win 9x, Me, 2K, XP

File not downloading properly? Contact us and we will send it to you through email.

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        ION posts all SEO tools and links to tools on a first-come-first-posted basis, and does not intend to disclude any submissions or links that would fit on this site unless we feel that a better tool doing the exact same job is already present. We will continually be updating our site to make sure that all links are fresh and that all of the best free tools in the industry are accounted for. If you have any comments, suggestions, or possible additions, please email them to: Library@InternetOptimization.Net.

        All links to off-site applications on these pages are free to use, but such applications are not the property of ION. Please respect the terms of usage for each online tool, as defined on the owners page, or the page that you are sent to while using the application.

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