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If you have room for a picture, please place the following code on your website:

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<a href="Http://www.internetoptimization.net/seo_tools.html"><img src="Http://www.internetoptimization.net/img/IONLogoT.gif"
width="198" ALT="FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools!"></a>

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FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools!

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ION has completely free <a href="Http://www.internetoptimization.net">
Search Engine Optimization Tools</a> with professional results!

        Please let us know if the shape above is not good for you, we are looking into other styles & shapes now. It has a transparent background and should fit on most sites as is, and you are welcome to modify the code a bit (to change it's size, page destiniation, or to make it a pop-up, etc.) as along as it still has that link or ALT text, and still points to our site, we'll be grateful.

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