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Free Web Site Traffic Marketing

Home of the "100 steps of web site traffic marketingTM"

        If this is your first time here on our site, then you will be happy to learn that the 100 simple & free steps listed on the 12 following pages offer real, professional-grade techniques on all of the 12 major areas of web site Search Engine Optimization, in order. And with them, you can ensure that your web site ranks as highly as you want it to in the top search engine's result pages! Best of all, and for the first time anywhere, we offer it all to you for free!

        In our combined experience with various SEO tools and resources here at ION, we have realized that of all of the tools necessary, everything needed on every step to properly implement Search Engine Optimization for most websites, is all readily available right now for free, somewhere on the internet, if you just know what to look for. We are not talking about tools that will simply help your website "move a notch or two upwards" in the rankings, such as a simple site submission alone would do. We mean EVERYTHING your website needs to ENSURE the first page or even first place ranking results in major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo!

        All that has been missing is a single source to unify them all, and simple, plain-English directions written to bring together an effective process that ensures a winning strategy for the web site traffic marketing that most web sites need. This is what we have done here on this web page, for you to use, all for FREE. If you follow the 100 following steps for your website, then you will have a web site traffic marketing advantage that fortune 1000 companies have been paying unearthly monthly fees to replicate! Many SEO companies charge around $3,000 or more PER MONTH for continued results, for basically the same process we have applied to these free tools. So all it will cost you is the time for you or your I.T. department to go through all 100 steps, which of course is directly proportional to the size of your website, and how competitive your particular industry or topic is right now.

        Although each of the twelve 'section' pages is designed to enable you to master that particular area of SEO, we reccommend that you do the steps in order to ensure best results. Not only are all the steps explained in detail for you, but there will be freeware tools that you have the option of downloading right there on each page, to make your task easier. After you have followed the entire process for your web site's particular needs, you will have completely optimized your entire site for web site traffic marketing well enough to even compete for the top spot in Google search results on your chosen keywords!

By the time you are finished with these 100 easy steps, you will understand the entire process that an SEO professionals uses to optimize a web site, and you will have done it all to your site for free!

        ION offers no guarantee for this free service, simply because we are not the ones doing the work, and we neither have a way of monitoring your ability to follow our instructions nor gauge your individual results. However, this really is the same process that the professional Search Engine Optimization firms would use to Optimize your web site, only their expensive tools do it for them much faster. If you can ensure that all 100 steps are done like the instructions on the following pages dictate, your web site will be fully optimized for competition in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, or whatever Search Engine you would like to compete in.

        Without further ado, let us begin your optimization. You will need nothing more than access to your website on a Windows (PC) computer, (Windows 98 or later version, sorry Macintosh guys, no development team!) the web page (HTML) editor of your choice, and the instruction pages here on our website, starting with this one. You may print out these pages for your own use if you would like, but they are expressly not to be distributed to anyone. If you need help with any of this, try our FAQs page, and if your cannot find your answer there, you can use our Contact Request Form to ask us a questions. Last but not least, if you are unfamiliar with any of the specialized terms or jargon here in the web site marketing business, we have our own SEO Knowledgebase to help you!.

Free web site Search Engine Optimization Instructions

ION's exclusive "100 steps of web site traffic marketingTM"

Section ONE - Find your most profitable Keywords.
        Finding the absolute best (most profitable) keywords for your site.

Section TWO - Choose the right host for your needs.
        Everything you need to know to choose the right web space or domain hosting services.

Section THREE - Choose the right Domain name.
        Should it be a keyword or your brand name? How many? What are the real reasons to get a domain? Read on and find out.

Section FOUR - Provide compelling, optimized content.
        You must write (or have written for you) good content, not just "tasty spider food" for the Search Engines, or you're missing the whole point of web site traffic marketing.

Section FIVE - Decide if Pay-Per-Click is right for you.
        To pay, or not, per click? That is the question. We show you the "hows" & "whys," so you can decide if it's worth the dough.

Section SIX - Create effective META Tags.
        Create effective META Tags to make your spider's job easier.

Section SEVEN - Adjust for proper Keyword Density.
        Link validity, HTML validity, & Keyword Density. Finalize your web page code.

Section EIGHT - Create your Robots.txt file.
        Create this small text file for proper "spider guiding."

Section NINE - Submit your site to Engines and Directories.
        Here is the best free process to submit your site to Search Engines and Directories.

Section TEN - Raise your PageRank & build your Link Popularity.
        Building incoming links and checking your Link Popularity. The most important & difficult step in order to raise your PageRank.

Section ELEVEN - Understand your site traffic.
        Become a mind reader. Know what your surfers are thinking at all times with your server-side traffic logs. Need better reporting tools? Here you go.

Section TWELVE - Follow through with your Ongoing SEO process.
        Ongoing processes and suggested multi-function helper applications. Here's how to keep your site ranking well over the years.

What exactly is our motive for doing all of this?

        Just in case you feel that giving away these secrets is too nice of us, I assure you that this is no scam, hustle, or waste of your time. These are the actual base-level processes and even the theory behind professional Search Engine Optimization. We do not intend to make a dime from any you, unless of course you would like to have us automate any of the free steps above in a manner faster (& in some cases better) than you can do for yourself. We ask for nothing in return for this free SEO service, except for maybe a link to our website, and if we have particularly helped your business, a testimonial would be greatly appreciated. It is our goal to become the web-wide headquarters for web site Search Engine Optimization training, and we cannot do that without your support & approval.

Thanks for trying us out!

Disclaimer: While following all of the steps may not be necessary for you to rank the highest in various search engines, we make no guarantees that following all of the steps will rank your site the highest in all search engines. The process described on the pages here within are instructions and tools based on successful methods of Web Site Search Engine Optimization in the past, and are subject to changes in the way that Search Engines maintain their ranking algorithms. Also, all web sites are different, and some may naturally be in a better position than others to rank well in Search Engines from the very beginning of the design process. Choice of keywords, too, is a major factor in your web site's ranking, so the final responsibility rests with the keyword chooser for your site. The Internet Optimization Network (ION) cannot be held responsible for a lack of high ranking results, even if you can prove you have met all the requirements on the instructions included. These instructions are meant as a guide to Web Site Traffic Marketing, (SEO) not as the rule.

This page and all contents are the property of ION. Although we grant permission for reprinting this page, we do not grant permission for mass distribution. If you would like to make a suggestion or point out a possible mistake for correction, please send an email to us at: Library@InternetOptimization.net, and we will be happy to consider your comment or request.

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